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Needle Felting Fun

I don’t need another hobby… This is what I tell myself each time I delve into some new technique or craft. I don’t need another hobby. But there it is – Needle Felting! This has been on the back of … Continue reading

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Spring Time is Lambing Time!

Gulf Coast Roving for sale! It’s Lambing Season! I have a very good friend who raises Gulf Coast Native Sheep here in South Georgia. This is the perfect breed for our area. And here’s why. These sheep have been bred … Continue reading

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My Sheep are Ready for Spring…

I know we have it pretty easy down here in South Georgia, but tell that to my sheep… They are ready for spring and the shearing that comes with it! That’s Calvin, he is not my best fiber sheep. His … Continue reading

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Update on The Wild and Rare Wool Fibers

I spun up a couple more of my Sample Fibers that I showed you in my post titled Wild About Fiber. Today I want to show you the Stanborough Grey, Warhill and the Coopworth. In the early 1900s the Eldridge … Continue reading

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How to Cooler Dye

If you are a Hand Spinner, then I’m sure you’ve bought prepared, dyed roving before. Maybe you thought about trying to dye some for yourself, but thought that it would be too difficult and make a big mess. Here is … Continue reading

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Spinning With Friends

Have you ever been around a group of people that just “get you”? People who share a common interest that goes well beyond the surface? Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my wonderful Spinning companions. My … Continue reading

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