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Baby Chicks!

I came home from work last night to discover that we had a few new family members! My husband picked them up at our local Feed Store. We had some problems with our Free Range Chickens this past year. Some … Continue reading

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Visiters in the Sky

This morning when I went out to feed the animals I was greeted by 2 fabulous Hawks. I’m fairly certain they were out looking for some breakfast. I’m thinking chicken is a favorite too! We’ve lost a couple out of … Continue reading

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My Chicken Needs a New Job

So I consider myself to be an equal opportunity employer when it comes to my chickens. We have an eclectic assortment of breeds. There are a few Bantums, some Araucanas (for the blue eggs), several Brahmas, a number of Buff … Continue reading

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My Horse Cookie Recipe – Dogs love them too!

One of  daily chores at our house is egg gathering. My chickens are free ranged. We did, however provide them with very comfortable accommodations in the barn. One stall is completely devoted to their needs. We built some really nice … Continue reading

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And The Journey Begins…

The grass is growing… It’s raining again. It has rained every day for nearly 2 weeks now, and the grass is fast approaching my knees. I’m inside again today, so I said to myself, “Hey, why not create a blog?” … Continue reading

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