My First Watercolor Quilt

I’ve begun working on my very first Watercolor Quilt. I’ve always wanted to do one, but never felt confident enough to sew together all those little squares and end up with a shape resembling a rectangle. That is until I found Fusible Quilters Grid. This stuff makes it easy. At least I hoping it does. I haven’t got to that part yet.


It’s sold by the yard. This fusible paper is pre printed with 1″ squares. Cut and arrange the fabric face up on the grid. Then iron it to secure. Then all you need to do is fold the quilt on the lines, right sides facing, and sew. Sew first all the vertical (or horizontal) and the fold from the other direction and sew again. Sounds easy right?


Well I’ve got my quilt planned. This is the view from my sisters kitchen window. I lost my sister to Cancer this past March and I guess I’m still looking for ways to work through it. She lived in Boise right between a beautiful river and a small lake. From her window one could watch the ducks and geese swim under the many trees along the banks. Truly a picturesque scene.


I bought a variety of fabrics all in the colors of Fall leaves, lake water, sky, grass etc.

I’ve done my math. I want my finished quilt to measure 72″x90″. I’m cutting my fabric into 2″ squares. After allowing for 1/4″ seam around each, that leaves me with 1.5″ of visible fabric. So with that in mind, 72 divided by 1.5 equals 48. So I want my quilt to be 48 squares wide. Likewise if I want it 90″ tall I divide that by 1.5 to get 60 squares tall. With me so far? This means I need a total of 2,880 squares!

The first thing I need to do is iron my fabric. Fat Quarters always have creases in them and they need to be removed. This may seem unnecessary, but it is actually an important step to cutting nice strait lines.


I’ve drawn out my pattern, but rather that count how many greens or how many blues I need, I think I’d rather just cut a bunch and see where I’m at as I “draw” the image onto the grid.

By using a Quilters Ruler and a Rotary Cutter I can cut a perfect line. The ruler has a lip on one end that hangs over the edge to help line it up and prevent slipping.


I found most of the colors I wanted in Fat Quarters, but some were on bolts. I bought 1/4 yards of each.¬†From each piece I was able to cut 80 2″ squares.


I like to cut 4 layers of fabric at once. Any more and I feel like I may not get a good clean cut.

Now comes the fun part! I’ll be working on that for a few days, so check back to see the progress and the final result!


Update post here. And here. And here.

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5 Responses to My First Watercolor Quilt

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  3. Judi says:

    I knew that quilters with a quilting studio had cork (or some other material) adhered to a wall that they used to pin squares of fabric to for composing a quilt. The fabric adhesive marked with one inch squares is a great idea for smaller projects! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loretta says:

    You never cease to amaze me how much you get done. Sew on, girl!

  5. Dara says:

    Awww. That will be a sweet quilt!