A Friendy Challange

One of the members of my spinning group send out a “Friendly Challenge” to the rest of us recently. She proposed that we complete at least one UFO (unfinished object) before the next time we all get together. At first I had a hard time even thinking about this. I’ve been pretty busy lately. Normally I have more that one project going at one time, and I have to complement myself on finishing most.

However, I’m not without my share of UFO’s. Let’s see, there is a gorgeous beaded shawl that was given to me as a gift. I am ashamed to say it is still only about half finished. I’ve also been thinking about a shawl that I started on my square loom. I’ve got a ways to go on that one…

And there is my concept of a quilt made from a block of each quilt I’ve made. I sort of lost track on that one and have some catching up to do.

But I think the one that has nagged at me more than any other is on my loom. It has been on there forever. The project started like any other – an idea in my head. My plan is to make a woven top. I’ve made this top before. Its a very simple, minimal sewing blouse. Everything was going well at 1st. I wound off my warp (that’s the yarn that will go on the loom front to back) of 10 yards of Rayon. This was some yarn that I got quite a while ago from Webs. I think it’s 8/2 (this refers to the size of the yarn).


I dyed some of my chains with bright pink and yellow, allowing the colors to run together creating orange. I had decided to use some of the dyed warp chains, leave some natural and use some of the pre-dyed yellow yarn in a random striped pattern across my loom. At this point everything was looking good. The colors looked just right coming out of the dye process. I took them out to the porch to let them dry, as I always do.

That’s where everything went wrong. I didn’t notice that my husbands parrot, a Solomon Eclectus, was resting on her outdoor perch.


Next thing I know, she’s perched a top my drying rack tearing apart my freshly dyed yarn. What a mess! I wanted to scream. But she would have just screamed back and possibly flew off taking half my stuff with her. So I just gritted my teeth and quietly took her back into the house.


I probably should have tossed the entire thing. However I didn’t have enough left to wind another warp, so I foolishly, stubbornly, decided to continue on as planned.

After carefully tying the broken ends – too many to count  – I somehow managed to get the whole tangled mess onto the loom. By then I was so sick of dealing with it that I walked away. And there it has been for the better part of a year.


But thanks to Linda and her Challenge, I’m back at it now, determined to finish. At least I’ll finish a good bit of it. I had originally planned to make 3 shirts, one with natural weft (the yarn that goes back and forth across the loom), one with a yellow weft, and one with dyed yarn. I’ve started with the natural. It’s slow going. I’ve got to stop every inch or two to retie a broken thread. I’m not bothering to fix the broken strands in the correct way. I’ve resorted to simply tying a knot and continuing on. I’m going to look at it this way. It will add texture to my finished garment!

I may only make it through 2 of my tops, but I will get it off my loom and made into something by our next get together.


Thank you Linda for getting me motivated to complete a UFO! I haven’t even been in the mood to weave with this hanging over my head. Maybe now I can start to plan some new projects!

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One Response to A Friendy Challange

  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful warp glad you accepted the challenge……..