Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make some fabric pumpkins for a while now. It’s September and I’ve always loved this time of year. We’ve had such a rainy, unpleasant summer, I guess I’m more anxious for Fall than usual.


While I was in the fabric store the other day, I happened upon this Butterfly material. It just looked oddly creepy to me. Even though it was not in the Halloween area, I decided that it would make a cool looking Pumpkin. I found some other fabric to coordinate, and I was set.

Anyway, here’s how I did it. I made 3 sizes. The largest is about 9″ tall, the medium is 7″  and the smallest is 4″ tall. I’ve added a PDF to the bottom of the page with my patterns if you’d like to make some too. I purchased 1/2 yard each of the 3 fabrics. My pieces just fit. I think 5/8 of  a yard may be safer.


In addition to your Pumpkin fabric you will need:

1/4 yards of Fabric for the leaves and a small amount for the stems

Poly Stuffing

Upholstery Thread

Ribbon – 2, 2 3/4, and 3 1/4 yards each according to size

Fabric Glue

Fold the fabric so that you have 8 layers. By laying out my pattern like the photo shows, I was able to make 1 large, 3 medium and 4 small pumpkins in an assortment of fabric. Of course the are other combinations that could be done as well.


Sewing them together is a snap. Place 2 pieces right sides together and sew 1/4″ seam along one edge from the flat top to the point. Stop sewing 1/4″ from the point. Take the next piece and place it, right sides facing, onto the piece just sewn and sew those together. Be careful not to catch the other section underneath as you sew.


Continue in this manor until all 8 pieces are sewn together. Now you’ll need to complete your “ball” by sewing the 1st section to the last. Hold them together, right sides facing and fold the rest of the pieces out of the way. This time when you reach the bottom, sew across the point and reverse stitch for added strength. This will ensure that the base is sealed completely.


Turn it right side out and fill it with Poly Stuffing. Don’t be alarmed when the bottom seems lumpy and won’t fill properly. You’ll be adding more stuffing as we go and it will all work out.


Using the upholstery thread, doubled, stitch around the opening and gather tightly. Leave an opening about 2″ in diameter so that you can add more stuffing.  I keep Hemostats in my studio. They come in handy for lots of things. If you happen to have some, get them now. Make a single knot, clamp it tight and tie a square knot underneath before removing the clamp. If you don’t have any, you may need to start with less stuffing.


Once the top has been tied, you will need to add more Polyfill. Make it firm. Push the stuffing into the base to fill completely.

Take your ribbon and wrap the pumpkin like you would a gift, only you’ll be giving it 8  wraps rather than 4. This will create the ribs on your pumpkin. Pull it tightly and tie off. The Hemostats really come in handy for this part.


Now you need to add a bit more stuffing to create the humps on the Pumpkin. See how the one on the left looks before and after this last bit of stuffing? They are the same size.


And now it’s time for the Leaves. You’ll need to cut 4 for each Pumpkin. Sew together leaving a small opening at the base. Clip around the curved edges and in the corners. Turn right side out and iron flat. It isn’t necessary to sew the open ends.


Fold the stems in half and sew on 2 sides, clip the corner and turn right side out. Stuff and sew closed with a long enough thread to sew around it too. Just a stitch or 2 across from side to side will do.



With the needle still attached to the stem, run the thread through the 2 leaves as shown. Position the stem in the center of the leaves and stitch around to secure.


All that is left is to glue them onto the pumpkins. Don’t over do it with the glue. You don’t want it to show through.


Pin in place until dry.



Cute Huh? I’m really happy with mine. I hope you make some too in a color that looks good with your decor!




Fabric Pumpkin PDF



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