Beautiful Pear Relish

Yesterday I finished up the last of the Pear projects. I had just enough left after a failed attempt at some Pear and Pumpkin Soup. Turns out that only tasted good in my head…


At any rate here is my last recipe for the season. Pear Relish.


This is a very simple relish that is as beautiful as it is tasty.


You will need:

8 Large Bell Peppers, a combination of Red, Orange and Yellow

2 Large Onions

4 cups Diced Pears

2-3 Jalapenos

2 cup Vinegar

2 cups Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

Begin by Dicing the Bell Peppers and the Onions. You’ll need to mince the Jalapenos.



Aren’t they stunning?!

Add all the ingredients into the pot at once and cook on Medium/Low until nice and tender.


That’s it. Follow all normal canning procedures, such as pre-washing the jars, lids and rims. Ladle it into heated, prepared jars. Don’t forget to wipe off the tops in case any food partials got on them. Place the lid on, followed by the rims (don’t over tighten)  and submerge in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Once cool, tighten the rims, label and enjoy!


I had some on a grilled sausage – it was really good!


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4 Responses to Beautiful Pear Relish

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  2. Looks like a fantastic recipe, will be trying soon! Sounds much like my Pinapeno Candy that I make with pineapples, onions, and peppers. I will be adding serranos to this since I have a bounty from the garden. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. donacarruth says:

    I’m glad you suggested it! Thank you!

  4. Ola Jones says:

    Thanks for this recipe. I’m sure I will enjoy!
    Always get so much from your blog. Keep up the good work.