Goodie Boxes

I’m done peeling Pears!

Today I am finishing up my Pears for the year. Anything left over can go to the squirrels or the goats.

I’ve made 2 types of Pear Butter, Pear Honey, and Pear Oatmeal Bars. I have some Pear Relish on the stove right now (a request from one of my readers). I hope get that posted tomorrow.


In the months to come I’m sure I’ll make more tasty meals using the Butter or the Honey, but for now I’m done. Well, after the Relish is completed that is. But no more peeling!

We have a routine around here where we take eggs around to the neighbors on Sunday afternoon. Typically the chickens just produce more eggs that I can use. And I like my neighbors! This weekend I’ve dressed up some of my home made treats to go along with the eggs.


I’ve gathered up one each of the Pear Butter, Fig Jam, Pear Honey and a couple of Oat Bars. I made some simple tags to label each.


I thought they looked real cute in this round cardboard box. I added some shredded brown paper to cushion the jars.


We live on a dirt road and when we go visiting it’s fun to take the Ranger instead of a car. The trick is getting off the property without a pack of dogs piled in as well. Especially Jack (our Jack Russel Terrier). He gets positively frantic about riding in the Ranger. One day he got so excited he actually bit the seat and put a hole in it! I think he needs therapy…


Anyway we managed to make it out the gate and our trip around the neighborhood was a big success. Everyone appreciated the eggs as usual, and they were thrilled with their goodie box.

We have such a welcoming neighborhood. It makes me feel good to do something unexpected and nice for them once in a while. And really – isn’t that what life is all about anyway?


I guess I’ll have to take the Relish around next weekend!                                                   Meeko says he wants to go on that trip!

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