Pear Honey Recipe

I’ve added Pear Honey to my list of Pear products made this year. I hadn’t made this before, but a friend encouraged me to try. Turns out it’s super easy!


Tastes just like honey, yet it contains no honey at all. Perfect for people with allergies!

I like my crock pot, especially in the summer. And since this recipe needs to cook for a long time, it was the perfect solution.


All you need is:

10 cups pealed and diced Pears

8 cups Sugar

6 0z Pineapple Juice (one small can)


That’s it! Just dump it all into the crock pot, stir it up and cook on medium for about 8 hours. Stir it once in a while just to be certain it isn’t sticking. If it starts to stick, turn it down. You’ll know its ready when the Pear bits become translucent and candy like and the Juice looks (and tastes) just like honey.

Pour it into air tight jars and store in the refrigerator. This is not a canning recipe, so it will have a limited shelf life. Should last quite a while in the fridge though.


This will be good in any recipe that calls for honey. I can’t wait to try a it on BBQ.

I tried it on some chicken with some Lemon Pepper – Yum!


This stuff s ridiculously good on Ice Cream!

I even put some in my Blueberry Smoothie.



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5 Responses to Pear Honey Recipe

  1. Dona says:

    I haven’t done an official test, but I would say it’s going to last about the same as an open jar of Jam. Just be sure to refrigerate it.
    I’m sure your gift recipients will love it!

  2. Marissa says:

    I was going to make this and give them out as Christmas gifts, and I was just wondering how long the shelf life would be. Thank you!

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  4. Ola Jones says:

    I have enjoyed your recipes using pears. It brought up memories of my mother and grandmother making a pear relish many years ago. It was delicious with vegetables and meats, but I have no idea what the recipe might be. I was much too young to think of those things. I do remember that it was sweet and a little spicy with colors that remind me of bell peppers. Do you by chance have a recipe or know where I might find one?

    • Dona says:

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my posts. I tell you what – hang in there a day or 2 and I’ll post a recipe for you! I’ve got one that just might be what you are looking for.