Needle Felting Fun

I don’t need another hobby…

This is what I tell myself each time I delve into some new technique or craft. I don’t need another hobby. But there it is – Needle Felting! This has been on the back of my mind for some time and I have in fact played around marginally with it. But then my will to resist gave way to a full love affair with unlimited potential for creation.

I made a little pumpkin…

Needle Felted Pumpkin

But that was just the start.

Then I thought I’d try my hand at some simple fairies.

Needle Felted Fairies

These were a lot of fun. Quick and easy!

Needle Felted Fairies

They are done completely in wool from my own sheep.

Needle Felted Fairies

I kept things simple and left off the faces. Maybe it looks creepy? I don’t know. I like them this way.

Needle Felted Fairies

If you would like to make some Fairies like these, you will find the kits in my Etsy Shop. I have kits with wool and complete instructions so you can make your own. In addition I have some basic needle sets for sale with finger protectors and foam.

I also offer individual bags of fiber for felting anything else you can dream up. Each bag is labeled with the name of the actual sheep that the fiber came from, (just for fun) giving you a connection with the source. Much of the wool comes from the same animal, with the shearing several years apart. For example, the fairy above has a dress made from “Iris” and her hair is made from a later fleece from the same sheep. Just like us, many sheep go grey with age!

DayDreamings on Etsy

But that wasn’t enough, so I began working on a Wood Nymph. In my minds eye she was rustic and a bit impish.

…but that’s another post… I’ll try to get that one written this week!


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