Reverse Magic

Are you a spinner? Have you ever bought some roving because the colors looked so beautiful only to find the finished yarn to be a big disappointment because the colors just didn’t work together? This happened to me recently, but I decided to knit it up anyway and I’m so glad I did!

I purchased some Merino solids. One ball each of Salmon, Antique Green, and Pewter. They looked amazing sitting there side by side. I can’t believe I don’t have a photo. You’ll just have to trust me.

I opted to spin each color individually and make a 3 ply yarn. …Bad idea. Or so I thought when I pulled it off the bobbin. It just looked like mud. I was so disappointed. The singles had spun up beautifully. And the ply was as near perfect as I could hope for. But the color was just sad.

Well, I decided to knit it up anyway. There was just too much work in it to let it sit in the cabinet. I searched through my patterns and found this one. And it’s free!

Milkshake Reversible Scarflet.

Perfect, I thought. Little did I know just how perfect it was for this yarn. And what a fun pattern it turned out to be!


I don’t often make scarves because they tend to be rather tedious to knit. This one had just enough variation in stitches to hold my interest. And I knew from the beginning that it was bringing new life to this yarn!


I first noticed that while knitting with it on my lap while wearing jeans, the grey stood out. Then one day against my leg, when I was wearing shorts, the salmon jumped out. I tested it on my quilting cupboard and sure enough, out came the green.


I’m so happy. I call this one ‘Reverse Magic’ because the colors seem to change by magic depending on what I’m wearing. It’s like I have 3 scarves in one!

I cast on 37 and did 44 pattern repeats. Perfect!

Thank you Mary Keenan for such a fun pattern!


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