A few weeks ago, I stopped in at our neighborhood hardwear store. I had a melt down when I walked in and saw some baby bunnies for sale… They were tiny and fluffy and so dang cute!

That night, I wasn’t able to stop thinking about those adorable puff balls. I began to imagine life with a rabbit. Now this is where the internet can be a bad thing… Before the internet, I would have had to go to the library or something to find out about rabbit breeds and which ones might make the best pet forĀ  me. That might have been too much trouble. Today though, all I had to do was sit down at the computer. I spent an entire evening searching all types of rabbits online and soon became obsessed with the Jersey Wooly and the American Fuzzy Lop. Yes – Obsessed. I decided on those 2 breeds because I wanted something small and friendly, and I really like the idea of having the added bonus of some fiber to spin!

Lucky for me, I have a very enabling husband. When I pleaded my case, telling him that I could keep it in the studio (the back room where all my fiber and toys live), his response was, “I think it should be in the living room so it can be socialized”. When I read online (again the internet helps me into more trouble), that a rabbit is happier when they have a companion, he said, “Why don’t you just get two?”

Well that was it then. I began a genuine search for 2 baby bunnies….

Meet Baxter, a Jersey Wooly.


And Felicity, a Fuzzy Lop.


I really didn’t want to resign to have them living in a cage all the time, so I spent a good bit of time, again on the internet, searching rabbit enclosures and house rabbit sites.

I ended up with a puppy play pen from “Iris”, purchased from Amazon. I’m very happy with it. I bought 2 pens and and set of 2 extra panels. Because Baxter and Felicity cannot be together until after they are neutered, I’m using the extra panels to divide the pen. Ultimately they will be used to create one very large living area for them both. This picture was taken before Felicity came home so the divider is not up yet. I’ve put it in the playroom, adjacent to the living room.


I’ve put indoor/outdoor carpet underneath, with a plastic drop cloth under that just in case someone forgets to use the litter box. In the event that the carpet does get soiled, it will be easy enough to take it outside and hose it off, but so far they are doing excellent with the box training!

We also invested in several toys and hiding places. Baxter loves the tunnel.


And he likes to sit on top of the house too!


Felicity is a bit more reserved than Baxter, but she is a few weeks younger too so I’m hoping she will come out of her shell more as time goes on. She does like to play with the balls, but every time I try to get a photo she quits!

These guys are a lot of fun. I will defiantly have to keep up with grooming on them, but I don’t mind, they are so sweet, it’s worth it!


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