Making a “Boy” American Girl Doll

If you have followed my blog, then you are aware that I now have a Grandson. He’s almost a year and a half now. He is my main excuse for the shortage of posts. That boy can keep me busy on my babysitting days!


The other day I was taking a moment to organize some boxes that have been tucked away in the guest room for quite some time and I came across my daughters old American Girl Dolls. Upon opening the box, I was hit with a rush of nostalgia. Such fond memories are brought back to life with these dolls. Our particular attraction to this doll company, was the books that accompanied each doll and each subsequent outfit. Back in the day, these books were all beautifully bound hardcover copies, each with a dust jacket. The stories (and dolls) were all historical representations of various cultures and time periods. Now days, the books are paperback (big sigh of disappointment). And the dolls seem to nothing more than modern renditions of our current population of little girls.

Well, my 1st thought was to buy a Boy Doll for my Grandson. I am a firm believer that gentlemen grow from gentle boys. That’s not to say he shouldn’t play on the 4 wheeler, or dig for bugs like boys are prone to do. I just think that nurturing is something ALL children should learn.

However, I soon learned that the company does not make a boy doll. Surely this would be something they would have added to the line by now! It is possible to get a “Bitty Twin” set that can include a younger boy doll. Sorry American Girl – It’s just not the same. It does come with a book, but it looks pretty generic. Not specific to the doll at all. And I don’t want a twin!

So… I started looking for an alternative. And this is what I found. It seems the only way to get a boy, is to make one. So I did.

I bought a used “Samantha” on eBay. Her eye color would be perfect. The hair had been cut by the previous owner, so she was reasonably priced. Then I purchased a wig, size 10-11, designed to fit an 18″ doll, in the color Strawberry Blonde. This particular wig is labeled #113 BEBE, from Monique.


Removing the old wig is simple, but it can take a few minutes if it’s well attached.


The only tool required is a tablespoon. Begin by holding the spoon, curved side up, and gently push it under the wig, all around the edge. There is also some glue towards the center. Separate that in the same way.


Clean off the longer stray hairs left behind before proceeding.


I didn’t worry about getting everything off. My thought was that it would give the new glue something extra to grab hold of and my wig would be more secure.


According to other sources, Aleen’s Tacky Glue is the best adhesive to use other than actual doll wig glue. I already had some, so that’s what I went with. I found it to be easiest to apply the glue to the top portion of the head 1st.


Then after the wig was in place, I pulled back sections and added more all around the edges.

Then, dry for 24 hours.


In order to create a more “boy like” appearance, I trimmed the eyelashes, just a touch.


Next, add some jeans and a tee-shirt! And of course some sneakers!

20160117_114127      20160106_133528

I’ve decided to name him Bobby, to honor a very close friend who is nearing the end of his struggles with a very aggressive form of Cancer.


I think Bobby will make a wonderful playmate for my Grandson!



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  1. Cindy says:

    He is so cute! (the doll,too)