DIY Dryer Balls

These days it makes sense to look for ways to save on household bills.

One way to lower your energy bill is to add these colorful Wool Dryer Balls to your dry cycle when doing laundry. These simple tennis ball sized, felted spheres will help absorb moisture and shorten the time needed to dry laundry. As an added bonus, you will also see less wrinkles, thereby eliminating the need to iron many things.


So how do we make them? You will be surprised at how simple it is.

You will need:

Wool Roving or Yarn that will felt.

Nylon Pantyhose (not your good ones!).

Small amount of yarn or string.

Washer, Laundry Soap and Dryer

All you need to do is roll the wool into a ball. That’s it, really! By layering several colors, you will be able to create uniquely colorful Dryer Balls. Or maybe you prefer solid or natural colors? Have fun and play around with your favorite shades and combinations.


If you have any left over bits of yarn, this will help create a different look as well. The polka dot ball is made by 1st felting a solid color and then needle felting dots onto it. Then it is re-felted along with the others.


Build the layers until the ball is approximately 3-4″ in diameter.


Carefully push it down to the toe of the pantyhose. Stretch the fabric tightly around the ball and tie it off with a bit of string.


Continue to insert additional balls, securing each one with a piece of string as you go.

Place them into the washer, along with some towels or sheets and wash with laundry detergent and hot water.

Place them in the dry cycle to finish. Depending on how quickly your wool felts, you may need to repeat the wash and dry process.

That’s it! Remove them from the pantyhose. Notice how they have shrunk? Place one or two in the dryer along with your laundry, for a quicker, more cost efficient, dry time.

Add a couple drops of essential oil to them to scent everything from towels to unmentionables.


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One Response to DIY Dryer Balls

  1. Linda says:

    must make some of these they will be great stocking stuffers.