Is There Fiber in a Pumpkin?

Well there may not be a lot of fiber in a typical pumpkin, but there is lots in my little pumpkin patch!


I’ve been having some fun knitting up a few of these cute stuffed ones. I looked at several patterns on Ravelry, and found that I liked these the best. Although I did end up making a couple minor changes to the second one.


I’ve also been trying to improve on my crochet. Let’s face it – there is lots of room for improvement there! I used this pattern and then, in my usual way, played around with that one too and made a larger version.


Then, because I was on a roll now… I made a needle felted version.


The knit and crochet pumpkins are all made of handspun yarn. I used Kromski Polish Merino for all of them, including the needle felted one.

I have some of the brighter orange all spun up and ready to be made into more. This yarn is spun much thinner that the other, so I will either get teeny tiny pumpkins or I’ll have to play around with the patterns again!


These quick little projects really have me in the mood for some Fall weather! And for Pumpkin Pie!

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