Simple Summer Weaving

Ever notice how in the Summer, you just want things to stay simple? I often find myself putting off those complicated projects and reaching for something easy. That way if somebody suddenly yells, “Last one in the pool s a rotten egg!”, I don’t even have to think twice about stopping right where I am to join them. After all, that’s what summer is all about!


My latest Ridged Heddle Loom project fit right into that category. It was easy to set up the loom (called warping) and easy to weave!

I’ve chosen a light rayon/cotton yarn in cool Summer colors to create a plain weave scarf.


Oftentimes plain weave is the best choice, not only for it’s ease of structure, but also for the final effect. This particular yarn is variegated. While not producing an actual plaid, it does give the appearance of such. Weaving is probably my favorite way to use variegated yarns. Too many times when knitted, the colors pool in an undesirable fashion. Weaving alleviates this tendency and instead offers up a steady blending of colors.


I’ve chosen to weave this on my Kromski Ridged Heddle loom because the great outdoors was calling to me. I love the portability of it. It’s so soothing to sit out by the pool in the early mornings, before it gets too hot. However, in south Georgia, it doesn’t stay cool for very long. My Kromski Loom is easy to pick up an carry inside once the heat proves too much for me.


I only used one small skein of this yarn, 2.6 0z/340 yds. I warped my loom with 62 ends in a 10 dent reed, making it just a hair over 6″ wide. I also made certain to keep my beat soft for an even weave. In other words, I did not pack the yarn in tightly as I wove the scarf. Something else I like about the ridged heddle looms is the small amount of waste. On a larger floor loom there is generally 27″ of yarn that cannot reach the actual weaving area. That yarn is called the ‘loom waste’ and gets discarded at the end of the project. On the Ridged Heddle I am able to avoid most of that, discarding very little of my yarn.


Once I finished weaving and tied off the fringe, I finished it in my washing machine followed by a tumble in the dryer and an iron. My finished scarf is the perfect accessory for Summer. It’s so light and airy, I hardly know I’m wearing it and of course the cotton/rayon blend is also a great choice for the warm Summer evenings in Georgia.

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2 Responses to Simple Summer Weaving

  1. Cindy says:

    Beautiful scarf! I love the subtle ‘plaid’!

  2. Cindy says: