We said good bye to Marley today.
He’s been going downhill for a while now. We did all that I know how to do, but he was continuing to fail, so I made the decision to have him put down.


It is the downfall of having animals in your life. He’s been a part of our farm for many years and I’ve grown attached.


I know Michael will miss him too. They have been sleeping apart in an effort to monitor Marley better, so he has had a chance to get used to that and hopefully that will help.


He was an Angora Goat and provided me with beautiful Mohair fiber. I have a great shawl I made from some handspun yarn from him. It won 1st prize at the Georgia National Fair. I will always have that and all the other things I made with his fiber.

But I will miss the silly guy. He was a great pet and very personable.

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