Plying with Thread

I go to a spinning event every year and always come home with a door prize or two.


This past weekend I decided to spin up one of them. A beautiful hand dyed BFL roving.

It spun up nice and thin, perfect for a shawl. But I had only 4oz and thought that may not be enough to do a shawl. I’ve seen other people ply their spun yarn with silk thread. I’ve not done that before, but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to give it a try. However, I wanted a more even look to my finished yarn. With that in mind, I knew I would need something more substantial than thread. I wanted something similar in size to the single I had spun.


I rummaged through my stash of weaving yarns and came up with a 5/2 mercerized cotton that was the perfect color. Normally I am inclined to ply like fibers together, but I thought, “why not?”.


As I began to ply I realized that the weaving yarn would need to have some twist put into it if I was to achieve a balanced yarn. When plied strait off the cone, my yarn wanted to twist back up on itself. So I ran it through the spinning wheel as I would any fiber I spin.


My finished yarn is very well balanced and absolutely beautiful. See how evenly it hangs. The small skein in the photo with the cone, is the yarn I plied before running the cotton through the wheel. See how it twists upon itself? That’s how to tell if it’s properly balanced or not. It should hang like this right off the niddy noddy.

Now I just need to pick out a pattern for it!



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