A St. Patrick’s Day Story!

The sun crept in through a crack in the drapes and laid it’s delicate hand across my face. The small dog asleep at my side stirred and wriggled closer to me in an effort to pause the day. But the enthusiasm of the sun grew more intense and began to radiate through the entire room. And in doing so, erased my ability to linger. It was morning.

And such a morning as I had not seen in quite some time. The sky was free of all the cold grey that was the winter. In it’s place was a bright fresh blue sky that brought song to the trees as the birds clamored in joy at such a day.. The air was crisp. Cool, but not cold. At last, the promise of Spring had arrived.

I felt an urgency to be outside. I gulped down a cup of coffee, eager for a walk in the woods. I called to my dog, who was even more anxious than I, and we were off. We traveled first down the tree lined dirt road for a bit before reaching the woods. Once we entered the woods, my surroundings started to change. I began to see more signs of Spring. There were flowering trees and patches of green poking up through the dense forest floor. Soon even the trees themselves were covered in leaves. It seemed strange that the greenery would be more evident under the cover of the woods.


I felt an odd sensation, as though I was being watched. I even thought I heard laughter coming from within the shrubbery. It was not a silly or malicious laugh. It was more mischievous. Like someone was playing a trick on me. My dog seemed to know know that someone was there.  However, he did not bark or act fearful at all. In fact, he seemed like he was excited to see an old friend! He even ran off and came back with a stick as though he had just retrieved it. Could it be that someone had followed us on our morning walk??


Soon I came to a clearing filled with wildflowers.


And there in the center was a beautiful Spinning Wheel. I stared at it in a daze. What in the world? Who would choose this spot to sit and spin? And where are they now?


As I looked closer, I noted that the wool was green. A lovely deep green on 2 of the bobbins and a brighter green on the wheel itself. It looked like the spinner had just abandoned it in the middle of the task. How very peculiar.


Then it hit me. I knew who it belonged to. I remembered what day it was. It was St. Patrick’s Day. Of course! The giggles in the forest were from the Leprechauns! They were the one’s spinning fiber in the forest!


And it was because of their presence that Spring was in full bloom inside the woods. I really began to hope that I would catch a glimpse of one of the little fellows, but I knew that they would only show themselves to my dog (dogs are lucky that way). So I stayed a while, admiring the beautiful wheel, and the headed home, disappointed to know that I would never see a Leprechaun.

But you’ll never guess what I found waiting for me once I arrived back at the house…


Two skeins of green yarn and a pattern to make Shamrocks! My kind of Pot of Gold! Those mischievous, elusive friends must have know that I’m trying to work on my crochet skills!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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2 Responses to A St. Patrick’s Day Story!

  1. Dona says:

    Thank you! Glad you liked it!

  2. Linda says:

    What a lovely story.