New Look for an Old Wheel

Lately I’ve been side glancing at other spinning wheels. I’ve had my Kromski Sonata for many years now and like most people, I long for a change now and then. The only thing is… I LOVE my Sonata! So why would I want to change wheels?

Well, I’ve come up with a solution to my wanderlust.


I simply replaced some of the parts on my existing Clear Finish wheel with some Walnut Finish parts.

I think it looks pretty cool!

Of course Kromski doesn’t sell these parts normally, but I purchased them as replacement parts and was lucky to find that they were all in stock.


As you can see, I changed out the Treadles, Footmen and Flier.


I also swapped out the knob that holds the Mother of All in place.


From there it made sense to change the knob that holds the upright and the Lazy Kate as well.


And finally the Threading Hook and Brake Peg.

I still have all my old parts, should I ever decide to switch back, but for now I’m happy with my “Custom Finish” Sonata!

…but I have to admit, I would still love to own a Polonaise or Symphony…

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