My Sheep are Ready for Spring…

I know we have it pretty easy down here in South Georgia, but tell that to my sheep…

They are ready for spring and the shearing that comes with it!


That’s Calvin, he is not my best fiber sheep. His wool is somewhat coarse, but he’s a real sweetie. And I think he’s very handsome.


His Mother Iris is behind him. She getting up in age now and so her fiber is not as soft as it used to be. I made a great sweater out of her years ago using the fiber from 2 different shearings plied together. Each year the wool is lighter than the next and that made for a nice efect on the yarn. Now the wool (although she looks brown still on the surface) is quite grey. And at the moment, it’s long! I’m not sure she can see much at all past those locks!


Levi is a Shetland and as such, doesn’t grow much wool around the face.


But evidently, small twigs are all the rage in fashion over the winter…


His wool is pretty nice too.


Jimmy is my Gulf Coast Native Sheep. They are bred for the warmer climate of the region. He maintains a clean face too. He is probably my greasiest sheep, but once the grease is washed out, his wool is a pleasure to spin!


And as I said… He’s ready for summer to arrive. After all – it’s what he was bred for!

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