Lunch by the Pool

Today is gorgeous. I know Labor Day is right around the corner and that is a traditional day for BBQ. However, I’ve been craving a big fat hamburger for a few days now. Bill is home today so I decided to make us lunch for out by the pool. It’s been such a rainy Summer I feel as though I haven’t been outside much at all. We are fortunate enough to have a lovely pool and patio area that doesn’t get used often enough for me.


I figure if I’m going to ignore the calories, I may as well have the best bread available, so I picked up some nice Bakery Buns at the grocers to house my burgers. They just make the whole thing better. I also grabbed some Bacon – like I said, I’m going to ignore the calories!


This is going to be our main meal for the day. I felt like it needed something on the side to round it out. Something like French Fries, but I really thought I should draw the line somewhere. I settled on Grilled Zucchini instead. It turned out to be a great choice. All I did to prepare them was to drizzle the slices with Olive Oil and sprinkle on some Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper. Then My husband grilled them along side the Burgers. They were delicious!


And of course there was the Bacon and the Cheddar Cheese…


My husband likes to mix Lemonade with Cranberry/Grape juice. I’ll stick to my Crystal light.

Topped the meal off with a few grapes and a couple slices of Pear from the tree in the front yard.


I may be in a calorie coma for a couple of days, but it was worth it!

I’m thinking Popsicle and a swim for dinner…


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