Winter Gift for Baby

This past year has been one of destashing for me. I’ve been trying to use up all the multitudes of yarn and fabrics that I have accumulated over the years.

In going through my yarn stash I came upon several skeins of Sirdar Denim Chunky that I had picked up on sale once upon a time. I took it to task that I would use up a good bit of it… but how?


I made a hat for my new Grandbaby. But that only used up a small amount…


Then it came to me. How about a woven blanket for him to play on! Perfect.

After working out the math I determined a sett of 5 EPI. EPI stands for Ends Per Inch in the warp (the part that gets put onto the loom 1st.). My loom has a 36″ weaving width, so I needed 180 ends. When I say ends in weaving it simply means that I needed 180 strands of yarn to cover the width of the loom. (5 EPI x 36″ width).

I used a combination of blue/white and green/ white yarn to create a plaid. My plaid squares will be 6″ each. This means 30 ends per square. Now I know my set up needs.

Because this is a small blanket, I’ve chosen to us the direct tie-up method. So I tie each end to the back of the loom, measure out my length, in this case 120″ to allow for a 48″ blanket plus the 27″ waste from my loom and an extra 45″ for me to play with later, pull them through to the front and cut them.

Then I wove my blanket, paying careful attention to the number of weft strands (the yarn that goes back and forth to create the weave) so that I would get even squares.


Now that the blanket was done, I still had some yarn.

So I made a softie ball to go with the blanket and hat. He loves his soft toys.


But I still had yarn left, so I also made a hat for his Mom and Dad!

I STILL have some yarn left, so I just may have to make a bigger blanket for his Grandparents (i.e. my husband and I!).


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