Homemade Apple Pie Bourbon

I wanted to give this a try this year for the holidays. I’m really glad I did!


Even though the Christmas season is over now, the winter months are still with us. This is just the thing to warm you up after a cold day in the snow.

Or in my case, a cool evening by the pool while visiting with friends in Sarasota Florida. At least we had a fire going to help with the atmosphere…


It’s quite simple to make really.

Start by slicing 3 apples. Leave the peals on, but remove the core and seeds. Place them in an airtight glass jar.


Add 2 Vanilla Beans

3 Cinnamon Sticks

2 Tbs Brown Sugar

10 Whole Cloves.


Pour a 750 m bottle of Whiskey over the top. Secure the lid and give it a good shake to distribute the flavors.


Let it set for at least 4 days, shaking lightly once daily.

I wanted to give mine as a gift, so I transferred it to a nice bottle. As I did, I filtered it through a coffee filter to remove the bits of apple and cloves. I think it looks really fun dipped in wax! But I will admit – even though it was bottling wax – it was kind of difficult to remove.

The end result was a wonderful smooth drink! Very festive tasting.

I still have the apples in the refrigerator waiting to be used in a pie or something… They should be loaded with flavor!

If you try this for yourself, be sure to store the bottle in the refrigerator (unless you have help to drink it all up!). The apple particles will not store well at room temperature. And of course, drink smart and don’t drive!


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  1. Yes, nice fire in Florida and good spiced bourbon and company too!