Christmas Chaos!

You know how it is around Christmas time. You’re busy shopping, baking, wrapping gifts, planning, decorating and socializing. It is truly ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. But does it ever get away from you? You know, you’ve taken on too much and no matter how feverishly you work, you just can’t seem to keep it all together…


That’s how I felt yesterday. I was doing fine. Got most of my gifts finished, the tree is up and the stockings are all hung. I even found some new stockings for our growing family. With the addition last year of my son-in-law and new baby this year, I thought it was time that my daughters family had a new set of matching stockings to hang next to ours on the mantle.


Speaking of my daughter, we have set aside Monday as our baking day together. We plan to honor my Mother’s memory by making her favorites. Russian Tea Cakes and Magic Cookie Bars. I’ve also picked up a cookie press this year and we will be trying that out too.

So it seemed like all was well. Until I decided to try my hand at a platter of cookies that I saw on Pintrest, while finishing up 2 other cooking gifts (still secret) at the same time.


I think it’s safe to say that I have a great deal to learn about decorating Sugar Cookies.

1st lesson learned. Don’t try to make red icing with regular food color. It’s just not concentrated enough.

2nd lesson – have the right equipment on hand. Although my improvised leaf shape worked out fine. I used a Christmas Light shape and bent it to look like a leaf. I would have liked it to be a bit bigger, but it’s not bad.

3rd – don’t forget to have fun.


In the end I think the platter looked OK. After all, there are pink Poinsettias right?


But wow – what a mess! I managed to get everything finished and cleaned up before bedtime (where are those housework elves when you need them?) and I’m pleased enough with the final product.


Hopefully by next year I’ll be better at this type of baking… Maybe it’s time for anotherĀ Craftsy Class. They are on sale right now too…

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