This Craftsy Class was Fun!

I’ve been wanting to learn how to crochet for some time now…and I like to make toys… So when I saw this Craftsy Class go on sale over the weekend, I had to take it. And I’m glad I did!


The class is called Amigurumi: Woodland Animals by Stacey Trock.


So far I’ve just made the Bird. It was SO easy to make while following along the class!

All the little tips made it all click for me. She gives you lots of options for methods to count rows, choose colors and other ideas to make different animals by altering certain pieces.

She offers an option bonus video at the end for baby safe eyes. I used those so that my 4 month old Grandson can play with him.

The class was really fun to watch too. Stacey has a great sense of humor that fills in the the time, preventing that dreaded awkward silence, without being a ramble of confusing unnecessary chatter.

And as always the Classes are mine to watch as often as I want. I can pause, rewind, make notes and print out the materials (the patterns in this case).


I can’t wait to try the others! Lots of them are still on sale too! Click the link above to check them out. I’m sure you’ll find something you like (or maybe you’ll find a gift for someone)!

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