Wool Dye with Chestnuts!

Turns out Chestnut are only good for roasting over an open fire!

The same friend that gave me the Black Walnuts for my dye project the other day, also has a Chestnut tree.


After she gave me some of the nuts for cooking, I thought it might be fun to try them as a dye. So she gathered up some hulls for me!


Prickly critters aren’t they?!

I followed the same procedure as with the Black Walnuts, soaking them for several weeks.

After straining the liquid, I simmered the wool for about 30 minutes. Then I let it cool in the pot before rinsing it and hanging it out to dry.


I’m thrilled with the result! It a lovely Chestnut Brown! Go figure right?

And in case you are wondering about the nuts…


Using a sharp knife, cut an X on the shell.


Then wrap them in foil to keep in the moisture and bake for 20 minutes.


I like to salt them and add a Tbs of White Wine to the pouch as they roast too.

Just the thing for the holidays!

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