Peddling Mariah

So by now you may have read that I have published my 1st book. It’s a fully illustrated story about a young girl who discovers a tiny mermaid inside a shell. There are included knitting and sewing patterns in the back of the book to make a mermaid doll.

It’s been a lot of work to get to this point. But that’s just half the battle. The boxes have arrived. Now I need to SELL them!


I’ve posted on FaceBook, and I have it offered for sale on Etsy and Amazon. And I’ve Pinned it several times, all linking back to where it can be purchased online.

And then there is the footwork.


I needed to load up a box full of books and head to town.

Now mind you, I live in a small town, so it only took one day to make the rounds.

I’m pleased to say that I have a reading scheduled for December 13th at “The Bookshelf” in downtown Thomasville, Georgia. We will also be doing a related craft for the kids!

The book will be available in the local yarn shop, “Fuzzy Goat” along with an appropriate yarn to make the doll.

We are also be on the counter at “Suzanne’s Quilt Shop” in Moultrie, Georgia. She has all the fabric necessary to make the sewn doll. She has a great online store too!

There are several others that I plan to meet with in nearby towns now that Thanksgiving weekend is over. Hopefully it’s just a start. Soon I’d like to have them in a store near you!

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  1. How many did you print?