Fast and Fun Holiday Ornaments

I haven’t posted too much lately. It’s not that I’ve grown lazy. I’ve been very busy working on some Christmas Gifts. I just can’t post about those yet. It would ruin Santa’s surprise!

But I can tell you about the Knitted Ornaments that I’ve been working on.


I followed a basic ball shape much like the one I used to create my “Sheep Balls” pattern. The only difference is that after I’ve done my increase rows, I go right into the patterning (don’t knit row 14) and then knit one row before beginning the decreases. This prevents the pattern from distorting at the decrease. The Sheep Balls have a solid row of knit stitches built in to the charted area, so I don’t need to do it on them.


This is a very simple design, but I think it’s effective. I may try it in red and white… Maybe keep the stripes going in one direction more like a Candy Cane.


As you can see it is easy to memorize.

This next one is a design I found on Ravery by Miyayo. She used a different basic ball pattern, but the end result looks about the same. I still stuck to my method, using her pretty flower motif.


The “Sheep Balls” pattern calls for a glass ball to be inserted about 3/4 of the way through. I love the way it creates a perfectly round ball. I also like the look of a traditional hanger.

I made a few other variations, but I can’t share them just yet – not until after Christmas – sorry! The possibilities are endless and they are so quick to make. I find them rather addictive…

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