Reverse Black Friday

I thought Black Friday had gotten out of hand years ago when the opening of stores stepped closer and closer to the pre-dawn hours. Now we have crossed over to Thursday. Not just Thursday – Thanksgiving Day. Even though we are in a time when the economy struggles to revive, I think it’s a shame that people are forced to work on a Holiday, while stores battle for business. I myself choose to stay home with my family and enjoy a plateful of turkey and fixings.

And in case you haven’t guessed, I also make a point of avoiding the crowds of Black Friday. In fact, I’ve reversed it in a way.  Rather than going out and making purchases, I make the rounds in the neighborhood, passing out cartons of our farm fresh Eggs. I would much prefer to chat with my neighbors, than wrestle for bargains with the multitudes of shoppers who have not had enough sleep because they got up before the sun to save a few dollars. It just doesn’t feel festive to me.

It’s nice to have something to share that I know will be appreciated.


And we have enough to spare!

So – Let the Holiday baking begin!!


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