Fixing the Gap When Knitting in the Round

Today woke up cold and windy, so it’s a good day to stay inside! I have several projects in the works, so I really don’t mind at all.

I’ve got some Roasted Lentils in the oven…


I finished up another Drawstring Bag for my knitting…. This one has a Downton Abby Theme!

And I thought I would start preparing for a couple of classes I will be teaching at our local yarn shop, Fuzzy Goat, over the next few weeks…

Two of the classes involve a cast on edge to be joined in the round. I’ve started with “Danni’s Gloves”, a pattern I wrote and sell on Ravelry.


Have you ever noticed that when you join a cast on edge in the round, no matter how tightly you think you are pulling that 1st stitch, you always end up with a gap? That gap has always bothered me. It can be hidden somewhat when the yarn tail is secured, but why wait until then?


See how it looks after one row? This simple trick will eliminate the gap altogether.


Begin by casting on one extra stitch to the last needle.

Join and knit the first row according to the pattern. In this case I’m doing a knit 1, purl 1 rib. When you reach the end of the round, don’t work the last (extra) stitch.


Slide that last stitch over to the beginning of the round and knit it together with the 1st stitch (or purl if the pattern calls for it). Continue knitting as you normally would and you will see that the gap has vanished! It should be between the 2 needles on the right side of the photo – but it’s not !

And now I think I will go take my lentils out of the oven and enjoy a nice hot bowl of homemade soup for lunch.


After that, I’ve got some Christmas Gifts to work on. But you’ll have to wait until after the holidays to read about those!




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