The Shed BBQ

Now if you ever find yourself driving along the I-10 in Mississippi, and you get the urge to eat something amazing, well, you’ve just go to stop at The Shed.


We happened to drive by on our way home from the Texas Renn Faire, so we stopped in for a bite.


This place was put on the map by the Food Network show “Diners Drive Ins and Dives” and by numerous other shows. All of which are proudly displayed on a big sign. Really, you can’t miss it.


The atmosphere is really fun. It’s a low key BBQ joint with a bunch of picnic tables. Just pick the one you want. Of course most are under the shed, but you will find some out by the open air stage. That’s where the music happens. We were there during the day however, so there was no band. I may need to go back one night just for that! And of course there’s a Bayou Bar on the other side of the building!


While you wait for your food, there’s lots to look at, but once the food arrives it will grab all your attention. My husband had a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.


I had a Salad with some Pulled Smoked Chicken added to it. There’s a LOT of chicken under there! Like I said – it’s not fancy, but the flavor is all there! They defiantly know how to smoke their meats.


And he’s even got some souvenirs if you are so inclined.


I find myself looking for an excuse to go to Mississippi! I hope I don’t have to wait till next years Faire…



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