DIY Self Striped Yarn

This is a really fun project that I did a quite a while ago.


I still have the socks so I guess it was a successful outcome. These are the first socks I ever made!

For my Birthday that year I received a Stauch Petite Drum Carder! So I used it to create my bats, which I then spun up on my Ashford Traveler. It came out a bit lumpy bumpy, but I was still pleased. After all I was just learning at that time. And normally wool processed at home has a more humble appearance anyway.


Even though the yarn is a bit thick for socks, I had a vision of some self striped winter socks. This method is one for someone that does not have a lot of equipment (like me in those days!). In order for the yarn to have stripes, I would need long repeats of color. That’s just not possible on a normal 2 yard skein. So I came up with a plan.


Using 2 kitchen chairs turned upside down, I made a giant skein! I’m sure I looked the fool wrapping it around and around (I got my exercise!). Then I tied it into 5 equal parts. Each section measured 11 feet. I actually measured it so that I would have a record if I wanted to repeat the experiment. I used blue ties to mark the divisions and then added some white for stability during the dying. (It’s funny looking at our kitchen before we redid it.)


My dye was Kool-Aid. I chose Arctic Green (x3), Ice Blue Raspberry (x1), Berry Blue (x2), Lemonade (x3), and Lime (x1). I filled Zip Lock bags propped up in a steam bath with my Kool-Aid and vinegar mixture. To each, I added one section of yarn.

You can learn more about Kool-Aid Dye in my previous Post Using Kool-Aid to Dye Yarn


Once the yarn had fully dried I was still faced with the task of wrapping it back into a more manageable skein. Well isn’t that what pool tables are for?!? I truly have a tolerant husband…


Anyway, It took a bit of patience to get it onto my home made Kniddy Knoddy, but I did it.



All I had to do then was learn to knit some socks! I chose a very basic pattern and a size #3 needle. I must say I’m still very happy with the result.




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One Response to DIY Self Striped Yarn

  1. Andrea says:

    those are fabulous! I still want to knit socks. But I’m so flighty I think I’d better learn 2 at a time, or I’d never have a pair!