Natural Logwood Dye on Wool

If you read my post from the other day, then you know I’m on a Natural Dye theme this week. I began with Goldenrod and Goldenrod with Iron after bath to get yellow and green respectively.

Today I’m looking for a purple. To achieve this, I will be using Logwood Extract.


Logwood Dye is obtained from the flowering Logwood Tree which grows in southern Mexico and northers central America. Interestingly enough the tree is still valued today as a source for Haematoxylin that is used as a staining agent in histology.

The dye used for fiber is easily found and comes as chips of the wood or powdered extract form like I’m using today. I purchased this several years ago. I bought 1 ounce. This may not sound like much but it goes a long way. It’s easier than the chips only because they need to be soaked over night and this readily dissolves in water.


I’m dyeing a total of 10 oz of wool. My wool has been pre-mordented and is ready to go after a 10 minute soak in water to ensure an even take up of color. I’ll also be dyeing a skein of yarn.

I mixed 1/8 of an oz of dye into a large pot of water. Then I added the fiber and brought it up to a simmer for 30 minutes.


The purple color that I got is deep with a hint of grey undertones. I love it! It almost looks vintage. Had I wanted a more modern, bright purple, I could have dipped it in some Cochineal. That would add a touch of pink. I’ll be doing some Cochineal later in the week. I may just try that with some…

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One Response to Natural Logwood Dye on Wool

  1. Cindy says:

    Beautiful color!