Roasted Pumpkin and Seeds

I LOVE the Fall. We had some teaser days here in the south. The weather was positively chilly. Now we are back to 80 degrees. But I know the cooler days are on the way. The crops now it too! The cotton is being defoliated in preparation for picking and and it’s almost time to pick up Pecans.

One of my good friends has a reminder that Fall is on the way, growing out near her compost pile. We call them “The Renegade Pumpkins”. They have been growing on their own for several years now. I am thankful to be one of the recipients of these randomly shaped, wild pumpkins.

Today I’ve roasted one of them and tomorrow I plan to bake some Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies for my daughter.


If you’ve never roasted a fresh pumpkin, don’t worry. It’s very easy. Simply cut it into quarters, from top to bottom. Place the quarters, meat side down on a cooking sheet. Place them so they form 2 halves. This will help keep in some of the moisture, while still allowing the heat to get under them.

While the meat is cooking, it’s time to prepare the seeds for roasting! After all, the oven is already hot and why waste all those fabulous healthy seeds?

The first step is to clean them off. Some people say it’s OK to leave some of the pumpkin on them, but I find that those bits cook too quickly and add a bitterness to the seeds. So I clean them thoroughly and rinse well.


Now you’ll want to boil them in heavily salted water for 10 minutes. Boiling them will shorten the cook time ad give you a super crunchy, not burnt seed. Pour them into a colander once finished and let them dry (mostly dry is ok).

Meanwhile get your pan ready. For easy clean up, cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.


Normally, I would use Olive Oil, or butter, but today I have something special to try. I recently bought some Pumpkin Oil while at the Georgia National Fair. (I was checking out my winnings in the hand spinning and weaving categories. I did well but that’s a different story that I will share with you when I get my items back and can take proper photos.)

Anyway back to the Pumpkin Oil. I love buying local products. This oil is made in Georgia by Oliver Farms. It’s made from cold pressed Pumpkin Seeds and has all the health benefits and more of Olive oil. And it tastes like Pumpkin Seeds!!!


Coat the seeds with your oil. The amount will depend on how many seeds you have. Just coat them well. I want to taste my special oil so today I seasoned only with salt and black pepper. If I was using Olive Oil, I may have used garlic or a pinch of cayenne.


Then they go into a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Take them out and stir them around and place them back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them as the number of seeds and your particular oven may require a longer or shorter time. Don’t let them get too brown or they will be bitter.


These are super crunchy and so delish! And really good for you too! Which is a good thing, because tomorrow I’ll be making cookies…

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One Response to Roasted Pumpkin and Seeds

  1. Linda says:

    Love the site and the recipe now plan to purchase a pumpkin later this week and give it a try.