Halloween is Coming Soon!

We had a bit of early Halloween fun at my house yesterday.

My daughter, her husband and new baby live in an attached apartment at my house. It’s a good option with the two of them leaving for work at 6am. I can take baby Aiden without having to bundle him up for a car ride and drive him to the house early in the morning. And it’s giving them a chance to save for a house of their own (and what young couple wouldn’t want that?)

Anyway, back to Halloween. I was in the barn when I got a call from my daughter. “Um, Mom? There’s a BAT flying around my house!”

Naturally I went right in to see it! She and the baby were on my side of the house, clearly shaken. As I approached the door that divides the two dwellings, she shrieked, “It’s coming under the door!”. Sure enough the little beast crawled under the door and preceded to chase us around the house! Baby huddled tight in Mom’s arms, she protected him from crazy flapping bat wings as it swooped close trying to find it’s bearings. It was clearly disoriented and seeking a way out. I opened the doors to the screened porch and it managed to fly out. Actually it seemed to follow us out of the house. Being brave girls, we ran back in and slammed the door behind us.


Not knowing how to catch it or if there might be more, I called a wildlife removal expert. He quickly and calmly captured the bat and assured me there was no sign of infestation to be found upon his inspection of the home. He was also familiar with the species and  felt confident that this was indeed a healthy bat with a normal appearance. Not the terrifying rabid monster we were thinking of at all.

He took him down the road and released him back into the wild where he belonged.

The whole experience put me in the mood for Halloween!

Craftsy has some new Halloween fun for you too! Check it out!

Craftsy’s NEW paper crafting kits !

They look like  a lot of fun.


Of course Craftsy would never leave you on your own. They have video lessons to accompany your kit! This will certainly help you to create fabulous Halloween decor with ease.

So join crafts expert Ronda Palazzari as she shows you how to use Jillibean Soup’s paper pads, black glitter beanboard alphas and festive embellishments to create a witch’s hat, pumpkin centerpieces and even a spooky banner, all from the kit!

I for one can’t wait! I’m ready for Fall and for Halloween – just no more bats in the house please!

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