Georgia Alpaca FiberFest Trip

This past weekend I had a fabulous mini vacation with my friends. There’s nothing like a girls only weekend with people who love the same things as you do. Spend that weekend in a cabin in the woods and it’s just can’t get any better.

We all wanted to check out the Ga Alpaca FiberFest up in Columbus Georgia, but it was a bit too far for some of us to make it a day trip (besides, we wanted an excuse to go cabin camping!).

After weeks of planning and lots of emails, we were on our way! The cars and trucks were loaded to the max with spinning wheels, yarns, dyes and knitting bags.


After a quick trip to a couple of Quilt shops along the way, we arrived at the Florence Marina State Park late Thurs afternoon. We spent he evening, walking in the park and relaxing together with our spinning wheels and knitting.


The festival wasn’t set to open until 2 pm, so several of us went to Providence Canyon on Friday morning. What a site that was!


One day I’d like to hike down to the bottom.


We all went to the festival that afternoon, eager to make our purchases. We were some of the 1st to arrive when it opened, so we found several things each to buy before the crowds arrived.


The building is very interesting too. Apparently it was the Iron Works facility years ago, and they’ve kept some of the details throughout.


Even the benches are unique.

On Saturday we had a Dye Workshop where I taught my “Mottled Dye” technique. It was lots of fun and my students created some fantastic looking yarns!

In the afternoon, everyone had a chance to work off lunch during the class on “Self Striping Yarn” as they wound the giant skeins around 2 chairs! Once again, we saw some beautiful finished yarns.

There were those in the group that chose not to take a class, but still did some dyeing on the yarn they had just spun the evening before.


By the end of the weekend there was quite an assortment of yarns and roving! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of all the hand spun yarn that was made.


One of the women in our group bought a blending board and made some beautiful rolags!

I was sorry to see the weekend end. But I know there will be others! And I can’t wait!


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