Spinning by the Pool – Yarn that is!

I’m working on another hat pattern and I found myself in need of some hand spun lavender yarn. I’m not a huge purple person, so I didn’t have any. I did find a bit of wool roving that someone had given to me a while back. It’s not real soft, but should do well enough for a hat.


Today is one of the prettiest days we’ve had in a while. Much too nice to stay indoor and spin. However, I really wanted this yarn. The solution? Spin outside of course! I grabbed my wheel and my fiber and headed out to spin by the pool.  The sky is clear blue and the temperature is ideal. I only had 4 oz of the wool and I needed it spun up to an worsted weight, so it didn’t take too long. If I didn’t have to head into town in a bit I would have found something else that needed spinning up!


There is something extra special to me about sitting outside listening to the whorl of the wheel along side gentle gurgling from the pool’s waterfall. The birds were singing in the trees and every once in a while a sheep bleated out to another in the background.

Of course a couple of the dogs had to come join me. Can’t ever get too far away from them! That’s Odin in the photo. He just finished lapping up some pool water.


It’s blocking now. By that I mean it has been soaked in water and will now hang to dry. This process “sets” the twist in the yarn. Once dry I can continue on with my hat pattern!







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3 Responses to Spinning by the Pool – Yarn that is!

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  2. Andrea says:

    That turned out quite lovely! Can’t wait to see it knitted up :)

  3. Cindy says: