Georgia Row by Row Road Trip

I was a bit late in realizing just how much fun the Row by Row Experience could be. It wasn’t until I heard some women in my circle of friends talking about it, that I decided to look into it further.

Well, as soon as I did, I was absolutely chomping at the bit to go on a road trip and collect some! Luckily my friends are easily persuaded!


You see the Row by Row Experience is like a Yarn Crawl, or Shop Hop. The idea is to visit as many quilt shops as possible during the designated summer months. Each participating shop is offering a free quilt row pattern that represents the shop. They also offer the row in kit form for purchase.

The 1st person to finish an 8 row quilt and bring it to a shop that has no previous winners – wins a prize! This year it was a pack of fat quarters.

Many also offer a fabric License Plate with a unique saying printed on it. The plates look just like a real plate with the state and location of the shop.


Those are my favorite part. We went to 4 shops that day and I went to 2 the next day (with my husband believe it or not!). I have all the row patterns, but did not buy a kit from most. I thought it would be better to use up some stash. I did get a license plate from all that had them. Being that we were so late in the game, we needed to order most of them.

I’m planning to collect as many as I can and create a quilt from just the plates. Of course this will be a project mainly for next summer. Sadly the Experience is over in a day or two.

We had a great time on our Day Trip and visited some nice shops that I had never been to before! We went to Lake City, Orange Park and Jacksonville. I think we spent at least an hour in each one!

It was a very inspirational day. Every shop had a different vibe and each offered something unique. Naturally, I also added to my stash while shopping! I’ll be sharing projects from some of my purchases in a day or 2. Some will take longer to complete than others, but I’ve already started on a few!


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