Having Fun with Baby Photography!

I’m a new Grandmother. And I couldn’t be happier! But these days will go by so quickly, it’s important to capture them on film. My daughter wanted me to take some photos of  my new Grandson on his 1 month birthday.


Easier said than done! At first Aiden wasn’t on board with the idea.


But with a bit of creativity and patients, I think we got some good shots.


I wanted to get some shots of him sleeping. They are just so sweet when “sleeping like a baby”. We needed to figure out a way to prop him up so that his little face could be seen, yet still be certain to keep him safe. We managed this by laying his Mommy on the bed and covering her with the bed spread. Then we placed him on top of her belly.  He was happy because he could still tell he was with her, but more importantly, she was able to hold him and prevent him from rolling off.

We got Daddy to hold up the backdrop while I shot the photos.

DSC_0124 - Version 2

Remember to think outside the box when doing baby photos. Yes, they need to be sweet and I do like the traditional ones, but the occasional “Photo Bomb” from the local giraffe can be fun too!


Daddy plays guitar, so naturally we wanted to bring that in. We tried to prop him up – with Mommy covered again by a black blanket, holding him securely and Daddy holding the blanket up as a backdrop.


It wasn’t as successful as some of the other shots, but with some cropping – I like it!


His parents weren’t quite as happy with that one, so we tried a different approach. We covered the extra long pregnancy pillow with the blanket, and again hid Mom’s arms with it as well so she could balance him. Then we added the guitar next to the pillow and placed his hands just so…


Remember too that you’ll want to take photos from all angles and of all his or her little hands and feet (they’re just so cute!).


Add Daddy’s hands for size relation…


Don’t forget to get some of Mom…


and Dad. Close up and personal makes your photos special. And I think black and white adds a touch of elegance to them. With digital photography today you can do this after they are downloaded and decide later which you like best .


So if you have a new baby in your life – set aside a day to create some nice memories! Take lots of photos so you can be certain to have several to keep forever!


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