An Unwanted Visitor in the Pool!

I had just finished mowing the lawn and decided to cool off in the pool.


I changed my mind…


It was just a baby, but I don’t like snakes.


And my Son-in-Law said it was a Water Moccasin! He grew up in the south and knows what they look like and how to handle them better than I do. I’m glad he was nearby.


So – it had to go. Only thing is, that thing was a good swimmer. It didn’t want to be caught. And nobody was about to jump in to get it!


In the end we did catch it. Well, in truth my Son-in-Law caught it while I just hovered over in the corner. But my pool is now snake free.


However, I took a shower to cool off after mowing the lawn… just in case.


Please help me get my 1st book published! It’s a children’s book about a girl who finds a tine mermaid inside a shell. There is a knitting and a sewing pattern in the back of the book to make a Mermaid Doll.

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One Response to An Unwanted Visitor in the Pool!

  1. Yikes! Now that’s what I call country living!