Winter is Coming…

No really it is! I know it’s hot now, but just wait, you’ll see Winter is Coming.

I acquired a bag of roving as a door prize at an event I attended in 2011. Roving is a term used to describe fiber, wool or otherwise, which has been through processing. The raw fiber is cleaned and combed until it is transformed into a long fluffy rope, ready to be spun. The label read “100% Domestic Wool”, so that’s all I can tell you about the fiber content. It didn’t find it’s way to my spinning wheel until 2012 when I returned to the same event ( a yearly gathering with friends ). The deep midnight blue-grey combined with the earthy rust gave promise to a deeply colored yarn fit for a man or, as I see it now, possibly something Mid Evil in tone.

It did not disappoint. While not a super soft or lush, it is a sturdy yarn, serviceable and strong. It has 11 WPI . For those who don’t know WPI is a way of determining the size of a yarn. The yarn is neatly wrapped around a gauge or ruler and the number of times it wraps in one inch equals the Wraps Per Inch. It is used quite often with hand spun yarns that don’t fit into the conventional measure systems.

I decided to make a simple winter cap for my husband. However, before I got that underway I came upon the “Winterfell Cowl” pattern by Fancy Tiger on Ravelry (have I mentioned that I like Ravelry?). I immediately reneged on my promise of a cap and began my cowl. We are Renaissance enthusiasts and big fans of “Game of Thrones”. I knew he wouldn’t mind.


This is a lovely pattern. Quick to knit and easy to memorize. It practically flew off the needles (like a Crow!). I LOVE it. Years ago at one of the Renaissance Faires we attended, I bought a small iron clasp/pin from the Blacksmith. It is perfect for this!


I’m sure I will be making this pattern again. I’m thinking maybe white and super soft next time. Maybe something with Angora in it…


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