A Sky Blanket for Baby


Last year I knit a Sky Shawl. I looked at the sky every day and made a note of how the sky appeared that day. For instance, a hot day with puffy white clouds was labeled a #2, which meant I was to knit with a dark blue strand and a white strand of yarn held together. A dark stormy day was a #9, indicating 2 dark grey strands held together, and so forth. To represent the change in temperature I used light blue or dark blue.


When my daughter revealed that she was going to give me a grandchild, I decided to carry the concept over to weaving.

I wove a 9 month gestation blanket. Now the baby has a record of how the sky looked when it was hidden from view inside the womb. And my daughter has something to remind her of the 9 months she carried her baby.

I posted about the yarn I died for the project here.


I used the sky colors for the warp. These are the treads that run from front to back of the loom. My plan was to use light blue warp (the thread used to go back and forth in the actual weaving process) for a boy and a very light pink if it was a girl.

Well, it’s a boy, but I decided that white would show the sky colors better, so that’s what I used.


The yarn is 100% Bamboo and once washed created a very soft light weight blanket for my perfect little grandson.

I love the way the colors played out. I’m sure he will get a lot of use out of it.


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