My 1st Book Publishing!

I’ve written a book! You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit light on the postings lately. Here’s why:

I’ve been working on a very involved project. I’ve written a children’s book. I started this book years ago and have wanted to publish it ever since.


My book is entitled “Mariah”. It’s the story of a girl that finds a shell on the beach following a big storm. When she takes the shell home and places it into her aquarium, out pops a tiny Mermaid! The story evolves to tell us that Mariah is longing to go home, and of course the little girl, Lisa, must return her to the sea.

What sets my book apart from others is that it includes 2 patterns to create a Mermaid Doll.


One of the patterns is a knitted pattern…

DSC_0124 - Version 2

And the other is a doll to sew.

I’ve had the patterns tested (thank you testers!) and the response to them has been very positive.

Once published, I will be offering my book here on my website, in my Etsy Shop and on Amazon. I also have a number of local stores eager to carry it.

I’m really excited and I hope you will decide buy my book!

Be sure to spread the word! “Like” this post! Tell your friends!


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