Tour de France (Fleece ?)

I’m sure you are familiar with the Tour de France race. It’s the most spectacular bike race in modern history.

I think most knitters have seen the Ravelry website. It’s an incredible place to find knitting patterns, both for purchase or free. I spend far too much time on that website myself.

One of the other fun things to do on Ravelry is to join a group of fellow knitters with similar interests. I belong to several. One of my groups has joined in a “game” of sorts, called Tour De Fleece.

Basically it’s a fun way to get our spinning wheels going in support of all the bicycle wheels as they spin along the countryside. We keep track of our yardage (in place of miles!) and the teams compete to see who can spin the most.

I have a lot going on these days and a Grandbaby due any second, but I thought it would be fun to join in.


For my opening day I thought it might be fun to start out with a bike ride myself. I did a 12 mile ride on one of our local Rails to Trails paths.

Then when I came home, I spun up a sample that will be part f my “Wild Things Shawl” once I spin up all my rare and exotic fiber.


This sample is from a sheep called Ild de France. Perfect right?

It’s a nice springy yarn. I only have 54 yards, but it will be used in a sampler shawl, so it’s ok.

Today I spun 106 yards of a sheep called Xisquete. It’s less nice. Rather scratchy…

More spinning tomorrow! Maybe more biking too!


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