Summer Sunflowers

I love summer. Everything seems to slow down to an almost manageable pace.

The other day while out exploring with a friend (we were looking for new quilt shops!), we came upon an entire field of Sunflowers. What a fabulous expression of Summer.


Naturally I just had to take some photos…


That lead me to think about how I could create my own version of natures beauty.


Take a look!

All I did was draw a simple flower shape on my fabric. Then I sandwiched a piece of felt between 2 fabric swatches.


Sew along the drawn line and then trim around the edges leaving about 1/4″ of the material around the outside.


Next, go back and trim the felt away as closely as you can without cutting the stitches.

Make 2 of these. Make a couple leaves in the same fashion.

Toss them in the wash to fray the edges and sew together using a button as your center.  All that’s left is to add a pin to the back.


Almost as good as the real thing!


I decided to attach mine to a small tote bag. Just the thing to carry my baby socks project! My daughters due date is tomorrow – I better get knitting!


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