How to Add Interest on a Quick Knit

A while back I posted about a vest and hat that I made from some of my hand spun yarn.

Today I want to show you how I used some of  that same yarn to create a pair of fingerless mitts. What makes this project fun is that I’ve made what appears to be a folded cuff, when in reality it’s just a heavier yarn.


If you’re a knitter then you know about gauge and wraps per inch (WPI). Gauge is a method of determining the size of the needle and number of stitches needed to achieve the proper size on the finished object. Simply knit a swatch on the recommended needle size, or if you don’t know that, use the sized recommended on the yarn tag. Of course if it’s hand spun, you don’t have that either, so you’ll just have to make your best guess. Anyway, knit a swatch at least 4″ square. Then count how many stitches it took to make up one inch.

WPI is determined by wrapping the yarn around a ruler and counting the number of wraps it takes to cover 1 inch. Here’s my example.


The red/orange yarn has a WPI of 9 and a gauge of 9 per inch on a size US #7 needle.

The white is 10 WPI and has 11 stitches using the same needle.

Now look at the fabric. How is the feel? Does it have a nice drape? Does it hold together nicely?

My 1st swatch is tight. The fabric is thick and stiff. It almost has a felted feel to it.

My 2nd swatch is much looser. I can see holes through the fabric and it seem far less sturdy, yet I know the yarn is strong so the fabric will hold up to use, and it doesn’t feel flimsy.

If I wanted them to be the same, I would need to change the needle size.


However, I want the uneven effect! I’ve used the size 7 to knit my mitts from start to finish. See how the cuff looks as though it is doubled over? It’s not, it’s just a simple k1,p1 rib. I attached the white yarn and continued on without changing the stitch count or the needle.

I love them! The cuff is snug against my wrist and the hand is soft and comfortable. And they are cute besides!



However, it’s late June and hot outside so I think I’ll put them away for now, pour myself a nice glass of Green Pomegranate tea and go relax in the shade!


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