Finished Game of Thrones KAL !

I have completed my Game of Thrones KAL. For those of you who don’t know a KAL is a Knit-A-Long. Typically done as a mystery, each week a clue (or section of the pattern) is sent out. So you never really know what you are making until the final clue is revealed. I wrote about my progress and some hints on placing markers etc on an earlier post.


This KAL was offered by Jimmy Beans Wool through Ravelry. It commemorates Daenerys Targaryen. I have to admit, I got kind of board with the stitch pattern. It resembles the scales on a Dragon, which is cool, but it’s the same throughout until the week before the bind off. But it has a nice shape to it and the shaping alone kept my interest.


In the end, even with the repetitive stitch pattern, it is a really lovely shawl. I’m glad I made it. And as always, it’s been fun to participate in a KAL.


I’ve added beads to the edging, just to spruce it up a bit. They also add a tiny bit of weight to help the shawl lay nicely on my shoulders.

pin   dany

I noticed several people ordered a Game of Thrones Pin from Ebay. I think I may need to have this as well. After all it is a Game of Thrones Shawl!


All and all this was a fun project and I absolutely love the final piece.


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  1. Cindy says:

    Really beautiful!!