Spinning from Batts

Spinning from a Batt is a bit different than when you spin from roving. Typically the fibers are less aligned and therefor the finished yarn has a more “artsy” appearance.

A Batt is created using a Drum Carder. The carder combs the fibers until they lay in a more uniform, paralleled manor.

Here’s an example of some Batts I spun a few years back.

Library - 233

I started with Angora fiber from my rabbit “Aaron”. Isn’t he a handsome guy!

And some from “Marley” the Angora Goat. You can see pictures of him in my post Pine Trees as a Natural Goat Wormer. He’s a handsome boy too!

Library - 090

I divided the Angora in two and dyed one half yellow, leaving the other half in it’s natural white. The Mohair (from Marley) was dyed red. My ratio was about 60% Mohair and 40% Angora.

After a quick toss in the bucket to mix it all up, I began the task of carding. I have a Strauch Petite Drum Carder. I’ve got it for my birthday in 2007. Thanks hubby! So far I’ve been really pleased with it.

Library - 091

I chose not to card these batts too heavily because I wanted the resulting yarn to have a very home spun, heathered look. As you can see there are still sections that are not well blended. Had I carded it more, the resulting yarn would have been a more uniformed orange and that’s just not what I was looking for on this project.


Here it is once I processed it on my spinning wheel. See how some of the colors remain as individuals because I didn’t over card it? I like the chunky funky look! This was spun using my Ashford Traveler. My Christmas gift from the year before. Once again – Thanks Hubby! We found it used on Ebay, strait from New Zealand where they are made.


I used the yarn to make a vest and a matching hat. There is still enough left over to make a pair of mittens or gloves. I’m adding them to the list and will let you know when the pattern is ready!

So if you’ve ever wanted to try creating some fiber batts, get yourself a Drum Carder and have some fun! Personalize your spinning fiber to be what you want it to be!


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