Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys, A Book Review

I found another really cute book to review for you.

It’s called Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out knit toys,  by Susan  B. Anderson, published by Artisan. Books. It’s full of sweet little toys that you can knit.  Even the cover is fun with a pull out image to demonstrate the topsy turvy effect!


This is a collection of knitted toys that are 2 toys in one! She starts with a very simple “critter” that she calls a mouse. He wears a happy face one way and when you flip him over, he has a sad face. His ears become feet and visa-verse. So cute!

She works her way through a menagerie of adorable Squirrel/Hedgehog, Bunny/Lamb and Chicken/Fox combinations. There’s even an Alligator/Egg and others.


I chose to start my collection with the Dog in a Doghouse.

This pattern was clearly written. Although I personally don’t care for the technique of picking up stitches on top of stockinet and knitting them in the round on 2 needles, it works well for the project. And she includes clear photos to show you just how it’s done.


I used yarn from my stash and named him Fido (I know – not very original…). I also gave mine a little collar to make up for the fact that I left off the spot..

There is a nice section on embroidery stitches to be used on the faces, including an important step to secure the embroidery floss so that it won’t pull out of a well love toy.


One of the patterns, a Snowman/Christmas Tree, requires the knitter to carry 2 strands of yarn and knit them together at points to create the garland. If it wasn’t the middle of May I would have made this one for my sample.  It’s unique and would make an ideal stocking stuffer. I’m definitely going to try it later in the year! And if you are worried about this special stitch, don’t be. There is a tutorial to help you along.


I also plan to make the Petticoat Doll one day. There is more detail to it and some fancy trim. She ends the book with this one, giving the less experienced knitter something to work up to. Really a sweet toy.

In my opinion this is a fantastic addition to any knitters library who has children in their life ( or one who is young at heart!). I even like the spiral binding. It helps it to lay flat while you knit. To purchase one for yourself click this link and order it today! Order Topsy -Turvy Inside Out.



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