Play Day Park Set for Baby

I have been working on some gifts for my Grandbaby To Be. The baby is due the beginning of July.


I made this cute Play Set for it ( I have to say “it” because we don’t know the sex). I think it will be the perfect thing for a trip to the park of even play time in the back yard.

The quilt is one of those “cheater quilts”. You know the type. It’s a pre-quilted panel. All I needed to do was add the binding.

I also picked out some coordinating fabric to make a tote bag and some soft toys.


The tote bag is a quilted bag with a lining. Just the right size to hold the quilt and the toys. I’ll write up a post on that one day soon. I failed to take any photos of the process and it makes for a pretty week tutorial if there are no pictures… sorry.

The toys were quite easy. I love the bigger size. Tiny baby hands can easily grasp them for early motor skill play.


Let’s make the square first.

Cut 6 squares from assorted fabrics, each 5″ x 5″. Sew 4 squares together, end to end, using a 1/4″ seam. Sew the 1st and the last one together to complete the sides of the box. Pin the top square to the box carefully, lining up the corners. Stitch in place. Pin the remaining square on to the bottom on 3 sides only.

Turn it right side out and stuff firmly. Hand stitch the opening to close.

Now for the cylinder. Cut 2 circles 5″ in diameter. Cut one rectangle 5″ x 16″. Sew the top and bottom in place. Cut slits in the seam allowance up to, but not through the seam. This will help to ease the curves. Turn it right side out and stuff. Fold under the seams on the side and hand stitch.

The pyramid is quite easy too. Cut your base, 5″ square. Cut 4 triangles to whatever height you want. Just be certain the bottom of the triangles measure 5″.  Sew the triangles together to form a cone. Then pin the base in place and sew on 3 sides. Turn right side out, stuff and hand stitch to close.


I tossed everything in the washer once I finished sewing. It helps to soften them by removing the manufacturers starch ( besides, it’s for a baby and I wanted to be sure it was clean ).


It makes for a nice set don’t you think?  The parents-to-be were really please with them!


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